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Jim Denker is a Mechanical Engineer with a lifelong passion for working with wood.  Carving and turning especially provide opportunity for artistic creativity, the challenge needed to maintain interest, and the satisfaction that inspires further skill development and taking on more ambitious projects.  With advancing skill, simple tasks can soon become boring when progress is slow. As the limitations of traditional tools became evident, Jim soon began to focus on the elements of the cutting process itself, in search of new concepts in basic tool design.  This has led to the development of several unique carving tools (both hand and power types) that are far more productive, ergonomic, and much safer to use than traditional tools.  In fact, the amazing new DENKER Rotary Carver is truly THE safest rotary power carving tool ever made.  It has no teeth, cannot grab or kick back, makes no dust, and its single circular cutting edge can be easily sharpened freehand in a few seconds.  Its low velocity cutting action is highly aggressive, yet controllable as a hand gouge.  It cuts end grain , wild grain, and knots without chip-out... but is much faster than any hand tool.

There is one common design element throughout the line of DENKER carving tools:  The cutter is a hardened alloy steel tube that is very easy to sharpen (even freehand) and holds its edge exceptionally well under tough working conditions.  This unique cutting edge geometry is why our tools cut cleaner, last longer, remove more wood faster, and yet also eliminate all the safety issues presented by traditional tools and other powered cutters available in the marketplace.


Red Cedar Bowl, 12”w x 16”L x 4”h

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